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2016 President Andrew Critchlow

2016 President Andrew Critchlow
2016 President Andrew Critchlow
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My first real involvement in Hope Show was when I was about 14, showing a Friesian dairy heifer calf in one of the Hope Valley Young Farmers Club calf classes, the picture shown is a little later but not by much!

I must have been involved in every one since but the years do start to merge after 39 shows!

It never ceases to amaze me how the Show comes together with over 100 volunteers who devote between a few hours on the day, to the equivalent of many days over the year. Then there are the judges who come from all over the Country, again voluntarily, to judge the hundreds of classes at the show – from jams to Shire horses and Vintage tractors to Highland cattle.  

There would be no Show without the exhibitors who spend hours, days and even years in the case of livestock breeding, making, baking or preparing the perfect exhibits. Yes they may win some prize money but this is only a token compared to the cost and time they will have incurred.

I have to say a big thank you, to those of you attending the show, whether it is your first time or you have been more times than myself and there will be plenty of you who have. Without you the show would not exist; it costs over £60,000 to stage Hope Show, only if the sun shines and is forecast to shine, do we make a profit. I thus have to say, a very big thank you to all our sponsors without whom we would never cover our costs.

It is a huge honour and privilege to be Hope Show President for 2016, although I will have a sense of guilt that whilst Anita and I are enjoying the day there will be hundreds of people making show day happen.

Please enjoy!

Andrew Critchlow