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Each year at Hope Show on August Bank Holiday Monday, the Tractor Section tries to mark a special date or special occasion by the tractors it chooses to represent it. 

D-DAY celebration at Hope Show

This year at Hope Show on 25th August will be no exception and we should all be aware by now that 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the D Day Campaign and the Allies landings on the Normandy beaches. To celebrate this notable event, which turned the tide against Germany in the Second World War, we shall be featuring a Caterpillar tractor that was actually there. Not only the tractor, a mighty D-8 weighing in at 18 tonnes with 95 horsepower from its 20 litre diesel engine , but also its levelling box used to make temporary runways and level bombed areas for other vehicles to make progress inland.

Unfortunately we shall not be allowed by the Show Director to level the main ring or indeed to excavate it with the sister tractor’s front blade - it might upset the horse jumpers, but the public will get a full chance to see these machines up close and personal. We shall also take the opportunity to remember all of the brave fighting forces that lost their lives at Normandy in 1944 and commend their sacrifice to keep the following generations in peace.