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Sheep shearing

The sheep shearing competition is organised by the Hope Valley Young Farmers, time of classes will be posted in the Young Farmers Tent on Show Day.

Sheep shearing is a form of harvesting; this does not hurt the sheep and is required for their welfare.

A professionally trained shearer is a skilled and careful practitioner, able to shear one sheep in less than two minutes – 250 per day.

We cannot guarantee one sheep per minute but we can guarantee a great competition and lots of banter!!

There will be three different competitions on the day;

The North West Region of The Derbyshire Young Farmers, open only to YFC members of Bakewell, Buxton and Hope Valley

The 50 and over's, showing the youngens how to get on.

And the Hand Shearing competition, open to any shearers of any age.

The North West Young Farmers Trophy will be awarded to the winner of The North West YFC Competition.