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Hope Show's Cattle entries are growing from strength to strength, examples of these fine animals that can be seen on the day are below.

The Highland breed of cattle has a long and distinguished ancestry, not only in its homeland of Western Scotland, but also in many far-flung parts of the word.  

The Highland is one Britains's oldest, most distinctive and best known breeds, with a long, thick, flowing coat of rich hair and magestic sweeping horns. 

The Highland has remained largely unchanged over the centuries
 and thrives and breeds where no other cattle could exist on mountain land with high annual rainfall and bitter winds.

Highalnds produce an excellent modern beef carcass with the lean, well-marbled, flesh that ensures tenderness and succulence with a very distinctive flavour.  The beef is healthy and nutritious with lower levels of fat and cholestrol and a higher protein and iron content than other beef. 

The unique attributes of the pure Highland cow make her the first choice for the production of commerical hill cows.

The Champion Highland will receive the Highland Cattle Society rosette.
 2014_cattle_65.jpgThe Longhorn breed is long bodied with a cylindrical shape with fairly short legs.  The coat can be brownish red, red brindle with a varying degree of white flecks.  It has a broad area of white along the back and tail, known at finch-back and there is usually a white patch on each thigh and often on the brisket and lower leg. 

Longhorns have a long broad head which can be all white and loan with a pink muzzle.  It is well muscles and produces a good carcase, laying on fat as thick layers rather than itermingled with the lean meat.
The British Blue is a new class for Hope Show. Belgium Breeders imported top Durham Shorthorn Cattle from England from 1850 to improve native breed in the Ardennes.  By 1930 the beef type was beginning to show and by 1960 the distinct meat animal seen today had begun to emerge.

Easily recognised due to their white and 'blue' colouring the British Blue has a prominent double muscling, sloping rump, hidden hips, a straight back and fine legs.
 Dexter cattle originated in the South West of Ireland.  The smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles.

Dexters are hardy, dual-purpose cattle, producing excellent beef and milk, an ideal sucker cow for conservation grazing.
Limousin's are a breed of cattle originally bred in the Limousin and Marche regions of France.  They are recognisable by their distinctive golden-red colouring.
 Commercial Beef, these are  beef animals breed purely for the butchers shop.