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2013 Hope Show President, Roger Dickson looks forward to a great Show...

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“The Show is a marvellous getting together of farming communities who through their contribution and efforts provide a great educational spectacle – an exchange of ideas between people from a range of rural industries.  Those members of the public who visit the Show leave with a better understanding of what farming and rural industry is all about.  It provides a social anchorage for all the villages in the Valley and far and wide. 

I am looking forward to an excellent Hope Show on August 26th, Bank Holiday Monday.”

First went to the Show in 1934…

Roger Dickson’s first visit to the Show was in 1934 aged eight – he recalls “the first time I went to Hope Show was on a pony from the farm at Calow.   I set off with a friend, Leslie Dungworth and we got ourselves home under our own horse power.   During the 1970s and 1980s he started taking his children to Hope Show to enter pony competitions.      

“In the early ‘90s, while Hope Show was still located at the old Show site, I brought the traction engine “Empress” to Show Day, which didn’t exactly help the traffic!” commented Roger Dickson.   “I needed water for the traction engine, so someone at the Show found me a tap and hosepipe and set up a useful water supply. “   Such practical detail involved in the backroom activities, so important to the smooth running of the Show fascinated me - after all “hell hath no fury like a lady with no ladies’ loos”! 

Gundogs followed…

Stuart Elliott then Show Chairman knew of the United Retriever Club and invited gundogs to join Hope Show and set up their section at the top of the Showground. 

Philip Wagland, Secretary of the United Retriever Club, devised a test format for the Show involving 4 dogs from each breed, 2 advanced and 2 novices, in order to produce a gundog display.  The results combined a mix of superb skill and hilarious fumble… it proved a very successful formula.  The 150 chairs along one side of the gun dog section are rarely empty on Show Day.  People come from all over the country to see our unique display format.   We have done 10 Shows with the gundogs; we have gone from strength to strength and are now truly international in our appeal, with entrants from Holland, Sweden and Germany as well as from the UK.    I had great fun being involved with it all. 

I look forward to another great Show on Bank Holiday Monday.