Hope Show
The Showground , Marsh Farm , Castleton , Derbyshire, S33 8RZ, United Kingdom

It’s “tin and crispy” at Hope Show’s Vintage Tractor section this year…

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Author: Pip Henson

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The theme for the Tractor Display at Hope Show this year is “The Potato”.

Farmers have been growing the potato as a staple of our diet for hundreds of years. At this year’s Hope Show on august Bank Holiday Monday, we want to draw attention to this product and hope to demonstrate the machinery employed in the planting, cultivation and harvesting of the crop.

Think of potatoes and your mind turns to potato crisps. That is why we are featuring Pipers Crisps. This company has kindly donated to the Show samples of its product to demonstrate the tasty potato in one of its forms. No doubt, in another form, at the varied catering outlets at the Show, one will also find the potato in its other guises, the jacketed and the fried potato. Pipers Crisps are a good fit with the tractor section: the company has historical links to the very first farm tractor used in Britain, The Ivel, invented and manufactured at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire by Dan Albone, whose family are still involved in the manufacture and sale of Pipers Crisps today.  

Caterpillars too…

One thing you would not want to find in your potato is a caterpillar. However, you will see at least two caterpillars at Hope Show this year in the form of the Caterpillar D7 and the D8 belonging to Mr Andrew Bettney of Tideswell. The D8, painted in the camouflage livery of the American Army, has been a visitor to the Show for several years now and it is coupled to a Le Tourneau scraper used to level ground in the Second World War for runways and road accesses. The D7T3 is only slightly smaller than the D8 and is making its debut at Hope Show this year. These two Caterpillar Tractors will be quite a sight in the Show ring when they parade at midday.

Entries are rolling in for the Tractor and Engine Section and there will be a varied selection of machinery on display in both parts of the Section. So why not come along and view all of these splendid machines, speak to their owners and learn a little more of the history of mechanised agriculture in England.   

Hope Show is on August 26th, Bank Holiday Monday and takes place in the Hope Valley in the Peak District.