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Ruth Allen Portraits

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Address: 9 Northumberland Way
Postcode: S71 5DH
Email: ruth@ruthallenportraits.co.uk
Telephone: 07990696505
Website: http://ruthallenportraits.co.uk/

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Ruth is first and foremost a Mummy to her two children. She is also mummy to her 6 rescue dogs, one of which is disabled and in a wheelchair. She also has a selection of predominately rescued animals including 13 lizards of different species, 3 tortoises, 9 cockatiels, 4 budgies, a red rump parakeet, a kakariki parakeet, a maroon bellied conure and a one legged kakariki  parakeet. Her latest addition to the family is a wood pigeon that had been attacked by a cat and was lying in the kerbside of the road!

Ruth started her career as a science teacher and used her skills in drawing as a cathartic stress release from the pressures of school. In today’s changing educational climate she realised that her nurturing and caring side wasn’t allowed to be used to its full potential so decided to channel her artistic abilities on developing her own business in an area that she adores; namely animals!

She has fast achieved a reputation of being able to capture the essence of your beloved pet’s character and soul.