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Main Ring Attraction 2015: Squibb Freestyle Motocross

Main Ring Attraction 2015: Squibb Freestyle Motocross
Main Ring Attraction 2015: Squibb Freestyle Motocross
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Prepare to be blown away by an extreme display of motorcycle skills in the main ring today as Jamie Squibb and his Freestyle Motocross team take to the main arena. Returning to Hope Show for a second year by popular request, Squibb Freestyle promise to bring heart-in-mouth thrills and excitement with their skilful routine of jumps and stunts…

What is freestyle motocross? 
Freestyle motocross (FMX) is a variation on the sport of motocross where motorcycle riders use their skill and agility to perform extreme stunts and high-level jumps from specially designed ramps.

Who is Jamie Squibb? 
33 year-old Jamie from Exeter started out dirt-track biking as a lad and has progressed to professional level freestyle motocross. His calendar is a full one, with a summer programme of shows and outdoor events followed by a winter indoor series of fixtures and competitions both at home and abroad. Already three-times British FMX Champion, Jamie will travel to Prague this October to take part in the World Championships. At Hope Show 2015 Jamie will perform two routines during the day accompanied by another rider from the Squibb Freestyle team.

What are the bikes? 
Jamie rides a specially modified Kawasaki KXF 450cc 4-stroke bike. The main modification is to the suspension, which needs to be able to cope with extreme take-offs and big-hit landings. 

Any other special kit? 
Team riders all wear specialist body-protection including knee braces and hi-tech boots as well as a protective motocross helmet to guard against possible head injuries. The team travel from event to event in a specially adapted lorry which can be driven onto the arena and converted into a designer take-off and landing ramp system. The ramps have been developed over a number of years using computer technology to give maximum airtime for big tricks. 

Has Jamie ever had any injuries? 
“Oh, yes! Plenty of nasty injuries!” But Jamie has never been put off, and always takes precautions to ensure that his team rides as safely as possible. “The important thing is to ride to the conditions. Last year’s Hope Show was wet, which wasn’t helpful, but the biggest enemy is the wind. The ramps need to be set up so that riders have the wind behind them. Hopefully the sun will be shining for this year’s show.”
Jamie and his team are looking forward to coming back to Hope this summer. “It’s a beautiful showground and we hope to be able to enjoy a birds-eye view again this August!”

Visit Jamie’s website at squibbfreestyle.co.uk for more information and to see videos of the team in action.