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New Cattle Classes for 2014

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British Blue and Commercial Beef

The History and Making of the British Blue

The story of the British Blue is one of evolution and improvement.  Belgium Breeders imported top Durham Shorthorn Cattle from England from 1850 to improve native breeds in the Ardennes.  by 1930 beef type was beginning to show and by 1960 the distinctive meat animal seen today had begun to emerge.  As a result of skilful selection the 'Blue' as we know it today was born.

The breed today is a specialised beef/meat producer of a large size, prominent double muscling, a slopping hump, hidden hips, a straight back and strong fine legs.
We have four classes for the new British Blue category

Cow in calf or calf at foot
Heifer in calf or with calf at foot
Maiden Heifer
Bull Open

Overall British Blue Champion

Commercial Beef

We are delighted to welcome back to Hope the Commercial Beef.

Commercial Beef are butchers animals and reared purely for the dinner plate.

We have two new classes for the Commercial Beef

Commercial Beef Steer
Commercial Beef Heifer

Overall Commercial Beef Champion