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NEW CUP - The Hope Cup

NEW CUP - The Hope Cup
NEW CUP - The Hope Cup
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Although I spent some of my formative years on a Northumberland hill farm, having spent nearly 45 years in the High Peak keeping Derbyshire Gritstone sheep for the last 35 years, I see the Derbyshire High Peak as my spiritual home.
Through stewarding sheep classes at Hope Show and perhaps a yearning for my native Cheviot hills, I was encouraged through the show's Livestock committee to steward a new North Country Cheviot class.
Happily, over the last 4 years, regional sheep keepers have responded in such numbers and quality that last year North Country Cheviots won both the Parkin Trophy for the Show Supreme Sheep Champion and the Strines Shepherd Society Cup for the Best Hill Sheep in Show.
I feel our local North Country Cheviot sheep breeders should be rewarded with their own trophy. I've named this trophy The Hope Cup to mark my wife's Hope Morris presidency of Hope Show and her 6 years as Livestock Secretary.

Angus Morris