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Foreigners at Hope

The Tractor theme at Hope Show for 2016 will be based upon machines made outside the UK. Pip and Jeanne have sent out over 100 invitations to potential Tractor and Engine exhibitors so, if you are a previous exhibitor, you should find your envelope dropping through the letter box any day now. Have you had yours? If not, or if you are new to stationary engine or tractor preservation, please get in touch, as we would love to see you and your machine at the Show on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29th, especially if it was made abroad. You can contact us through the Hope Show website (just follow the links and send us an e-mail) or download an entry form straight off this website. Just follow the instructions in the Tractor & Engine Section and get your entry in the post while waiting for some warm Spring weather to dry that last coat of paint.