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The Gee Family Friendship Quilt

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The Gee family have kindly allowed their family heirloom quilt to be displayed at this year's Hope Show. 

The friendship quilt was given to Sarah Gee on her marriage in 1946 by her friends from Edale W.I. 

25 ladies sewed their names on the quilt, descendants of whom may be here at Hope Show this year.

C Roberts

M E Bentley

M Cooper

R H Tym

E M Elliott

C M Nield

H E Harvey

H M Belfitt

A A Rowbottom

R M Tym

M L Tym

E M Elcock

E Chapman

E C Bentley

G Cooper

A Sheldon

J E Bingham

J G Rowbottom

H J Shirt

M Elliot

E E Hulse

A W Rowbottom

L Marrison

M Tym

M Mullins