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Vintage Tractors & Stationary Engines


What can you expect to see on Show Day 2017 in the Tractor and Engine section.

Hope Show displays to the public the superb machinery (be it tractor or engine) that has been the backbone of the agricultural scene for well over a century. Engines for working corn mills, dryers, milking lines, pumping water and a thousand and one other uses have been used in agriculture ever since the internal combustion engine was perfected. Tractors have been around ever since the first motor driven vehicle came on the scene –most of them were giant sized machines on the lines of a large steam engine in the early days but were gradually reduced in size to the type of tractor most of us are familiar with nowadays – although the trend, as farms become larger, is for bigger horse power and hence larger machines again at the present time.

In the stationary engine section, we display “barn engines”, single or multiple cylinder engines and even larger combustion engines used in quarries and pumping stations. You will find all the classic makers, for example, Lister, Ruston & Hornsby, Petter, Amanco and so on. They will be seen powering other agricultural machinery like a corn mill, a generator set or a vertical drill. These engines were in use on nearly every farm in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and we are demonstrating their preservation and uses. The winner in this section receives the Hope Valley Round Table Trophy.

On the vintage tractor scene, besides a display of most of the popular preserved makes (and, we hope, a few rarer ones), each year we like to highlight a special type or model of tractor or piece of agricultural equipment that we call our special marque. This is usually because of some historic anniversary for that make of machine. 

The year 2017 is no exception, as we commemorate the centenary of Ford in the United Kingdom.  Not only did Henry Ford revolutionise the early motor car industry with his Model T car; he also developed the Fordson Tractor which first came across the Atlantic as the MOM (Ministry of Munitions) tractor in 1917.  

A batch of nearly 500 tractors were sent to assist with the war effort.  Food production in Britain was severely affected during the First World War, since a large number of farm horses has been requisitioned to assist on the front in France and motive power on the farm as lacking.  Henry Ford's tractor, later to be named the Fordson, was invaluable in filling this shortage.  Ford tractors have been a popular and reliable marque with both farmers and tractor preserves ever since.    

Visitors to the tractor section at Hope Show 2017 will not only see many examples of the Ford marque but also, as always, a good variety of other makers machines and agricultural equipment on the tractor preservation scene all of which will be at least 25 years old.

If you have one that you would like to exhibit, just contact us or download an entry form from this website and we will try to accommodate you..... big or small, petrol or diesel.  If you have something truly old you have a chance to win the John Hall Award for best pre- 1945. If it is a Ferguson, you are eligible for the Bywater Trophy. In this class there is always a good selection of implements to inspect, since Harry Ferguson invented so many pieces of additional equipment to work with his tractors. The overall winner in the Tractor display receives (for one year) the House of Anton Challenge Cup.

Take a look at some of the pictures from past Shows and you will get a flavour of what we have to offer in our always interesting display. We have in recent years had in excess of 60 tractors on display so there is plenty to look at and admire and the owners are always keen to tell you why theirs is better than the one next door – or even its more modern replacement.

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Tractor Entry Form and vehicle registration form now available from section schedule and entry forms

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Were you born in 1917? If so it would be great to have a centenarian driving one of our tractors at Hope Show this year to mark 100 years of Fordson and Ford tractors in the UK. ...
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